Best Social Media Apps That Everyone Must Use

There are a lot of social media platforms nowadays which are very popular among people and mostly the younger generation is more fond of using such applications and websites to get more social with people or to make new friends or connections. However social media serves as a very big marketing tool as well. In today’s time if you do not have a good social media handle of your business then it may be considered a fake or not so popular brand or product.

Social media applications have now developed many new features that can help brands or businesses to get more attention from users by creating attractive content and adding new effects to provide more elegance to the original post. Apart from marketing, social media is a hub of information and many people love to watch videos, news, jobs, and many more things through social media only. The increase in the usage of social media has created a lot of demand for new applications but before using any new application here are some basic applications that everyone must use.


Facebook is the best application that every person must use. There are several uses of Facebook like you can share posts, videos, links, and images while Facebook pages and groups allow you to promote your brand or products, you can even use Facebook ads to get more interested users to your landing page. Facebook provides informative content as well and you can buy products from the marketplace, talk to your friends, and find suitable jobs from the job page on Facebook. Overall everything you need is available on Facebook. 


Instagram is now the biggest platform with the most active users worldwide leaving Facebook behind, however, the biggest user base still belongs to Facebook only but most active users are on Instagram only. Instagram allows you to post images, videos, reels, and IGTV videos but lacks in adding promotional links with the text. However, you can use the Instagram ads that run on the budget of Facebook ads only to promote your brand and bring more sales for your product.


Twitter is another social networking site that is used by people and marketing agencies to promote their products or brands. Twitter has billions of active users every day and you can post content like texts, promotional links, videos, and pictures easily. Twitter is used by almost every business as it has a very wide reach and the platform has a very easy-to-use user interface.


Reddit is a web forum where you will find a variety of posts from different people across the globe and you can post anything like text, image, infographics, videos, or even create backlinks for your website. There are many other things that you can do on Reddit like you can buy Reddit upvotes, comments, and followers to grow fast. If you are looking for such a service then here is a link for you – from where you can buy anything you like for Reddit. Reddit has a large user base and people should use it for gathering information and building brand presence online. 


LinkedIn started as a platform where people came in search of jobs but not with new updates LinkedIn marketing has become a major part for social media marketing for all businesses. On LinkedIn, you can post any content like text, photos, links, videos and you can get job updates, with new and fresh information about things you like.

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